FAQs for Parents About Vocations

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When parents hear that their child may be discerning religious life, they have a lot of questions. Help parents in your community understand what's ahead for a child discerning their call to religious life [...]

Stations of the Cross for Vocations

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Vocations Awareness Week falls in the first full week of November. Use this resource to pray for an increase in vocations to the Church. Download   Pastoral Aids These tools are intended for [...]

Priestly Ordination

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This short excerpt from the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults dives into priestly ordination. This is a good resource for those looking to learn more about the priesthood. Download   En Español  [...]

Discernment: the coming together of two infinite mysteries

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This reflection begins with a shocking statement that our parents never wanted us. But, God wanted us, specifically, for a purpose. Take time to reflect on what that purpose might be. Download   [...]

We Are Called: Mary and Vocational Discernment

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Mary’s devotion to God and willingness to say “yes” to him is something Catholics learn very early in faith formation. And Mary’s deep faith and dedication to doing God’s will can be an inspiration [...]