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Getting Married Catholic

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Marriage is a beautiful sacrament performed by the couple with a priest witness. A lot goes into preparing for a Catholic wedding. Share this resource with engaged couples in your community. Download Living [...]

6th Commandment: The Love of Husband and Wife

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Explore the true meaning of the 6th Commandment and the love spouses are called to show in marriage. Let this be a resource for married couples or those preparing for marriage. Download   [...]

Quo Vadis: Where are you Going?

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Offer this reflection to couples preparing for marriage. This short reflection from USCCB’s For Your Marriage challenges couples to answer: Why are you getting married?  Why are you choosing to get married in the [...]

“Tabor Vision”

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This blog post provides some insight into how the Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord can apply to marriages. Download   Living the Faith Living the Faith resources cover topics of interest [...]