We are Called to Witness God’s Love

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This parent's reflection on vocational discernment may fit well in an e-newsletter or as part of a small group discussion during Vocations Awareness Week in November. Download   Living the Faith Living the [...]

Managing Technology and the Family

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The scene is familiar: a family sitting around together consumed in their own devices. How do we navigate this technological space in faith, and make time for one another, instead of our screens?  This [...]

Creating a Culture of Encounter: Session 5

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As with the other Creating a Culture of Encounter worksheets in the series, this may be used in conjunction with those or as a stand alone resource. Use this resource to promote a greater [...]

Honoring Human Life and Dignity in the Face of Gun Violence

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As gun violence continues to plague the U.S., the U.S. bishops have offered thoughts and reflections on the epidemic. Download Pastoral Aids These tools are intended for clergy and church staff to use [...]

6th Commandment: The Love of Husband and Wife

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Explore the true meaning of the 6th Commandment and the love spouses are called to show in marriage. Let this be a resource for married couples or those preparing for marriage. Download   [...]

The Fourth Commandment

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This short excerpt from the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults dives into the Fourth Commandment. The first three Commandments help us to understand how to love God with our whole selves. The next [...]