Six Ways to Evangelize During Lent

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This short article provides some tips for evangelizing during the Lenten season. Download   Catechetical Corner Invite your community to dive deeper into their faith with these brief documents on Church teaching and [...]

Become a Shepherd (Leader’s Guide)

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Human trafficking affects thousands of people worldwide every day. Use this leader's guide to educate your community about the plight of those trafficked and what we can do to help end trafficking at home [...]

The “Vanilla” Season of Ordinary Time

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We often describe Ordinary Time by what it is not. Perhaps it's time we think of it differently. Encourage your community to learn more about this special time of the liturgical year. Download [...]

Kerygmatic Proclamation of of Jesus

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Capturing people's attention with the message of Jesus Christ is a great challenge facing us today. This reflection dives deeper into that challenge and how catechists (or anyone) can overcome those challenges in their [...]

A Look at “Nones” Across Cultures

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The 2018 theme for USCCB's Catechetical Sunday resources is "Enlisting Witnesses for Jesus Christ." But, there are those classified as "nones" that do not recognize Christ or any God. This reflection offers more on [...]

Are You Called to Lead?

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Sts. Peter and Paul are a complimentary pair in the Church. Both saints faced their own personal struggles in following the Lord, but were ultimately great leaders of the early Church. This resource includes [...]