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FAQ Page2012-12-05T17:20:13-05:00
SEARCHING FOR RESOURCES2018-08-10T09:24:20-04:00

How do I search for resources?

There are a number of ways to search for resources by topic.

1. Use the search bar at the top right of the web page to enter in a search term.

2. Navigate to a category page by selecting one of the tabs on the top right of the web page (i.e. Evangelization/Catechesis). Scroll down the page and Click on the word or related word in the Tag Cloud along the right side of the web page.

3. Resources can be searched by Category using the drop-down menus at the top of the home page.

THIS WEEK IN MINISTRY2018-08-10T09:24:47-04:00

This Week in Ministry: How do I find the most recent issues?

1. Navigate to the homepage of CatholicCurrent.org by clicking the Catholic Current logo on the top left of the web page. Links to the current and upcoming issues of This Week in Ministry are near the top of the home page.

2. You can also click the menu item for This Week in Ministry at the top of the home page to search through old issues.

USAGE RULES2018-08-10T09:26:46-04:00

What are administrators and users allowed to do with downloadable resources at CatholicCurrent.org?

You may:

  • download and view the material from any device
  • print the material in whole (or in part) and distribute it without charge within your parish, diocesan office, school, or institution
  • include brief excerpts (no more than 4 paragraphs) in your parish bulletin or newsletter

You may not:

  • alter the text in any way
  • sell the material or include it in paid packets for a class
  • make the downloadable file available to others via methods such as email, thumb drives or downloading from your website
  • make downloadable resources available to parishes (for Diocesan offices)

Further suggestions and restrictions on how to use the materials for download are available on the bottom of the web pages where the resources can be downloaded.