Living the Faith

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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This reflection about keeping the faith during the Advent and Christmas seasons offers some practical advice on how to limit the impact of commercialsim. Share this reflection in your e-newsletter or bulletin this season. [...]

When Your Family’s Advent Falls Apart

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In this blog post from the USCCB’s For Your Marriage website, author Josh Noem finds solace in the centerpiece on the table during the Advent season. When life feels like it’s out of control, [...]

Getting Married Catholic

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Marriage is a beautiful sacrament performed by the couple with a priest witness. A lot goes into preparing for a Catholic wedding. Share this resource with engaged couples in your community. Download Living [...]

25 Ways to “Fight” Fair

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In no way does this blog post connote actually fighting physically with a partner or spouse, but it offers some advice for ways to work out differences for couples. This may be a helpful [...]

FAQs for Parents About Vocations

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When parents hear that their child may be discerning religious life, they have a lot of questions. Help parents in your community understand what's ahead for a child discerning their call to religious life [...]

We are Called to Witness God’s Love

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This parent's reflection on vocational discernment may fit well in an e-newsletter or as part of a small group discussion during Vocations Awareness Week in November. Download   Living the Faith Living the [...]